The Onetti-Grugni Palace stands along one of the main streets of the beautiful historical center of Montepulciano, in the province of Siena, lower eastern part of Tuscany, Italy.


This building was erected around the mid-sixteenth century, commissioned by Florentine nobleman fra’ Panfilo Egidi. Being no documents of the designer and executor of the house, some sources attribute the design of the palace to Antonio da Sangallo il Vecchio, who was working in Montepulciano in that period. Some also believe that the design could be attributed to Antonio da Sangallo il Giovane, author of the roman Palazzo Farnese. And others too attribute at least the portal and the balcony above it to Vignola, also active in Montepulciano during those years.

Along the centuries the Palace was owned by Gagnoni family, and bought by Grugni family in 1892. The two current owners are heirs of the late Grugni brothers.


The palace has a front width of 26,25 yards facing the main road, a side depth of 20,78 yds. and is more than 24 yds. tall (top of the roof). It has a complex stone structure over a large basement, composed by three stories: a ground floor with three apartments, a first floor with three apts, one small apt. in the middle and four apartments at the second floor with four attics connected. The front side of the house is on via di Voltaia nel Corso, in the middle of the characteristic old town on top of the hill; two sides look in two small lanes, the back side is open to the beautiful view of the broad valley of Chiana.


The owners obtained regular permissions to restore the entire building. The project, signed by architect M. Trabucco, has been approved from national and local authorities including Artistic and environmental Superintendence of Siena and Technical department of the City of Montepulciano.

Currently the Onetti-Grugni Palace is close to complete its total restoration, started with a new roof and with the cleaning of all parts of travertine stone and the new exterior plaster and paint. After the four facades, on january 2015 started works inside the building wich include: full consolidation; rebuilding of many ceilings and repaving of the most neglected rooms; recovery of many original floors; installation of an elevator; more than 15 new bathrooms and 10 new kitchens; new double glazed wooden windows; boiler with central heating and hot water. At the beginning of 2017 the building will consist of 11 luxury apartments, with different sizes from 613 sq.ft. up to 1530 sq.ft..


All cost of exterior and inner restoration will be obviously charged to the sellers. The buyers will join a newly constituted condominium; rules of ownership and property percentages will be exactly indicated in the preliminary purchase contract.

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